Training on the Decision Support System Use Conducted by the ASPIRED Project

On December 7, the ASPIRED Project started a two-week training course on the Decision Support System (DSS) for the potential users. The DSS is the software tool constructed in the GIS environment which is used for water resources management purposes.

Participants of the current training are the staff of the relevant subdivisions of the Ministry of Environment, the Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources as well as representatives of the academic institutions.

The training is designed to give a hands-on knowledge on the tool and includes numerous practical exercises. At the inception, the training will focus on the GIS fundamentals for ensuring that all participants possess the same level of the GIS knowledge. Participants will be introduced to the structure and the main components of the DSS, namely the hydrological and the climate change models, the water balance, water supply and demand balance, water quality assessment components, calculation of the ecological flow of rivers  and other information.