The ASPIRED initiated a new project on rehabilitation of the drinking water system in the community of Sardarapat in partnership with the village administration. Sardarapat is the second largest village in Armavir region, with the population of 5732 people.

At present, the residents receive water for 4-5 hours during the day. The quality of water does not meet the sanitation norms while the water wastage from the decayed network and inefficient pumping is very high – about 80%. Upon completion of the project, the community will have 24-hour access to clean drinking water. About 1,5 mln cubic meters of groundwater will be saved annually due to the system improvements and elimination of losses.

“Eurasia” charity public organization may become another potential partner of ASPIRED for this project. Eurasia CPO applied to the grant funding of The Coca-Cola Foundation which, if received, will be used for financing some portion of construction activities on the pumping station, procurement of water boxes made of recycled plastic as well as community training on plastic waste management practices.