ASPIRED Continues Developing the Groundwater Flow Model

On Wednesday, April 15, the ASPIRED team had an online session with Todd Wood for presenting and discussing the simplified groundwater flow model for the Ararat Valley.  Mr. Wood is the expert of the US-based Aquaveo Company who consults the ASPIRED team on the groundwater modeling work.

The ASPIRED team presented the recent version of the groundwater flow model after the adjustments have been made in the parameters of various attributes of the model following Mr. Wood’s recommendations made earlier.  The ASPIRED team and the AQUAVEO expert diagnosed the model simulation results to identify the needs for further adjustments.

As a result, ASPIRED will generate a fully calibrated groundwater flow model for the Ararat Valley. The model can be used to determine the impact of the groundwater abstraction on the state of the aquifers. 

‼️ Announcement

The USAID-funded Advanced Science and Partnerships for Integrated Resource Development (ASPIRED) Project intends to implement a project on permanent sealing of an artesian well in the Ararat Valley. At this stage, the ASPIRED Project is planning to contract out feasibility and design works.

All design companies, which have specialists on board with the knowledge and experience in projects on sealing of damaged artesian wells and are interested in participating in the call for proposals soon to be announced by the ASPIRED Project, are invited to send the following information about their company – name, contact details, names of contact persons – to the ASPIRED Project via the following e-mail by April 2️3️.

Irrigation Network Installation in Pokr Vedi

The ASPIRED Project completed installation of the main section of the irrigation pipeline in Armenian Pokr Vedi community located in Ararat region and proceeded to the installation of the water outlets.

The ASPIRED Partners for this project are Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and Artashat Water User Association. The concept paper was developed in collaboration with the USAID’s PURE Water Project.

Testing Irrigation System in Vedi

On March 3, the ASPIRED team tested the performance of the municipal irrigation system installed in Vedi, along with the staff of the local municipality. 👨‍🔧🌳 The new system is intended for irrigation of the municipal green zones as well as the football field of the local sports school.

The Urban Irrigation System Optimization Project in Vedi is implemented by the ASPIRED Project in collaboration with the municipality of Vedi and USAID-funded PURE Water Project.

Pre-Bid Meeting Clarifications on IFB # 190220-01: Supply of Pipes and Fittings, and Implementation of Construction Work under the Irrigation Optimization Project in Khachpar Village

On February 226, the ASPIRED Project held a pre-bid meeting for potential bidders under the IFB # 190220-01: Supply of Pipes and Fittings, and Implementation of Construction Work under the Irrigation Optimization Project in Khachpar Village. The full document here:

Meeting in the Armenian Parliament

On February 21, the USAID and ASPIRED Project representatives met with the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Territorial Administration, Local Self-Government, Agriculture and Environment of the Parliament of Armenia Varazdat Karapetyan. The ASPIRED team presented the project activities on improvement of the data availability on groundwater resources, legal and regulatory initiatives in the water sector, as well as water and energy saving pilot projects implemented in the Ararat Valley. Participants of the meeting also discussed existing collaboration opportunities for improvement of the Armenian water sector legislation.

Invitation for Bids for Supply of Pipes and Fittings and Implementation of Construction Work Under Irrigation Optimization Project in Khachpar Village

IFB # 190220-01 USAID/Armenia Advanced Science & Partnerships for Integrated Resource Development (ASPIRED) Project is soliciting Bids for the supply and installation of PE pipes and fittings and provision of pipework as well as construction of a valve chamber and an intake chamber under the Irrigation Optimization Project in Khachpar Village of Ararat Region.

For submission details and other information please see the full IFB document:

Bids must be submitted no later than 17:00, Yerevan Time, on March 04, 2020. Each bidder must submit one hard copy of the bid to the ASPIRED Project office at CITADEL Business Center, 105/1, Teryan Street, Suite 204, Yerevan.

ASPIRED Project Presents Interim Results the Method of Self-Purification Capacity Assessment of Armenian Rivers

On February 5, the USAID-funded Advanced Science and Partnerships for Integrated Resource Development (ASPIRED) Project presented the interim results, next steps and enforcement mechanisms of the method of self-purification capacity assessment of Armenian rivers. The method is elaborated by the ASPIRED Project by the initiative of the Ministry of Environment as part of the priority measures on efficient management of the Ararat groundwater basin.

In pursuit of this task, the ASPIRED Project established a working group consisting of the field experts – a hydro-morphologist, water quality specialist and hydro-biologist, as well as the representatives of the stakeholder agencies – the Ministries of Environment, Emergency Situations, Territorial Administration and Infrastructure.

Taking into consideration the international experience, the experts developed the hydro-chemical, hydro-biological and hydro-morphological components of the method of self-purification capacity assessment of rivers. Water samplings were made in Kasakh River basin based on the characteristics, such as the river network morphology, hydrological feeding regime, existing human and natural pressures on the water quality, availability of multi-year monitoring data and other factors.  

The method of self-purification capacity assessment of rivers, the user manual and the draft legal act with enforcement mechanisms will be presented to the Armenian Government in July 2020. The ASPIRED Project will conduct the user training on the method if necessary.  


On December 5, the ASPIRED Project started the implementation of the new irrigation project in Khachpar community of Ararat region. Upon completion of the project, the community will receive about 250 l/s of water which will meet their irrigation water needs.

The ASPIRED Project will replace the existing earth canal with the PE pipeline and build inlet and outlet chambers and related infrastructure. The latter will help to prevent the solid waste particles from getting into the pipe and to manage the water flow. The Project will also repair existing roadside canals inside the village and increase their flow capacity to 250 l/second.

The  project is implemented through the cooperation of ASPIRED and PURE-Water Projects.