Two Projects in Griboyedov Community

ASPIRED will implement two projects in the community of Griboyedov in Armavir region of Armenia: optimization of irrigation system and permanent sealing of an unused artesian well.

Agriculture is the main occupation for the local residents. Farmers grow fruits, vegetables, cereals and other crops; have orchards and vineyards. The current project will improve the irrigation efficiency on the community farmlands by reducing water losses and return to cultivation 7 hectares of land.

ASPIRED will also seal one of the unused wells owned by the community. This self-emitting well has the outflow of 15 liters per second, water running into the nearby drainage network. About 475,000 cubic meters of groundwater will be saved per year due to the two projects implemented in the community by the ASPIRED Project. About 12 households will benefit from the project by gaining access to irrigation water and an opportunity to cultivate their land.