ASPIRED started a new renewable energy project in collaboration with a private fishery near Hovtashat village.  ASPIRED Project will help the fishery to install a 30 KW PV kit to minimize the energy consumption.

Having purchased this fishery in 2019, the owner, Artyom Torosyan, have made critical improvements to apply water saving technologies for more efficient use of water. In consultation with the ASPIRED engineering team, Artyom Torosyan introduced water recirculation system, replicating the technologies piloted by the ASPIRED Project at the Aquaculture Technologies Transfer Center. Artyom Torosyan’s fishery uses air lift pumps for enriching water with oxygen and passive settlers for sludge removal.

However, recirculation technologies consume more energy, and this increases production costs. Use of the solar energy is an environmentally friendly alternative to compensate for extra energy costs of aerators and recirculation pumps.

The farm produces about 90 tons of fish annually, using only 40 liters of water per second. The production rate is 2.25 tons of fish for the water flow of 1 liter/second which is 2.8 times more fish than the accepted standard of 800 kg.  The energy saving is estimated to 46 MWh annually while the total energy consumption of the fishery is about 350 MWh in a year.