ASPIRED Project completed a ten-day course on the Decision Support System – GIS-based software tool for management of water resources. The training was designed for the water sector specialists from the government, research, and academic sectors.

Course participants were the staff of two subdivisions of the Ministry of Environment – Department for licenses, permits and compliances, Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Center, the Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources as well as representatives of Agrarian University and Acopian Center for the Environment.

Mastering of the DSS tools will help users to generate data on hydrologic or water balance, water supply and demand balance, water availability for use by various sectors of economy in the conditions of changing climate, ecological status of water resources and provide data-driven support decisions on water management. Decision makers will use the DSS for the management planning of river basins, basin management or other areas such as the Ararat Valley.