ASPIRED launches a new irrigation project in Mrgashat community for improving the efficiency of irrigation and expanding the area of arable lands in the community. The Project will help to improve access to water for 30 hectares of land. Ultimately, more than 150 land users will benefit from improved irrigation opportunities.  

Significant amount of water – about 80% – extracted by the village from the groundwater aquifer of the Ararat Valley is reportedly lost due to the deteriorated concrete canal and high infiltration rates from the earth canal. Water losses imply longer hours of pump operation and high energy costs. The technical upgrade of the irrigation network will result in water and energy savings equivalent to 228,000 m3 of water and 59,280 kWh of energy per annum.

Specific improvements will include:

1. Building a 600m shortcut to take the water directly from the pump to the fields via PE pipe;

2. Installation of a metal valve box (boot) to enclose the control valves and install a new pump controls with a soft starter and surge protection;

3. Construction of a steel pipe crossing over the existing earthen channel;

4. Construction of an irrigation distribution network and two outlets in the field.