Online opening of the Yeghegnut community water system improvement project

July 30: ASPIRED conducted a virtual opening for the USAID-funded Armavir region Yeghegnut water system improvement project.  The Project was completed through successful collaboration of the USAID Advanced Science and Partnerships for Integrated Resource Development Project (ASPIRED), the PURE-Water Projects, and in-kind contribution  by Yeghegnut community.  The opening was attended by the USAID Mission Director Deborah Grieser, Armavir region Governor Hambardzum Matevosyan, acting deputy Mayor of Yeghegnut Ashot Khurshudyan, implementing and partner organizations, guests.

During the event a video was aired highlighting the water system network improvement project outcomes.

The Project implementation resulted in 24-hour chlorinated water supply for all households in the community. The Project rehabilitated the water network and built a new pumping and chlorination stations. The old and deteriorated network was replaced with the new, polyethylene pipes, while water meters were installed in all houses.  The project introduced a new water service management software for efficient management of water bills and consumption by the residents. billing and metering software for efficient management of the water bills and consumption of users.

This project is not limited to supplying water to the community: due to the new system, there are significant water and energy savings – 308,000 m3 of water; and 118 MWh of energy annually.

In his opening remarks, the Armavir region Governor highlighted the hand-over of the improved water network to the community for future oversight and maintenance. “Everything is possible when you select proper partners, organize work efficiently and care for the work”.

Another important outcome of the project is that two local residents will have jobs: having been trained within the project, they will oversee and ensure uninterrupted operation of the system.

“I congratulate the members of Yeghegnut community, because this is a momentous occasion and I am proud and happy to be celebrating with you, even though it is virtually.  Yeghegnut was deprived of safe and reliable drinking water for over a couple of decades, 70% of community water had been lost due to deterioration of the pipes.  Thank you for the support the community extended to the ASPIRED  and PURE Water projects, to realize the dream of over 2200 residents of the community – to have safe and clean water 24 hour a day, 7 days a week”, mentioned USAID Armenia Mission Director Deborah Grieser in the opening remarks.