Visiting Sayat-Nova Village with the USAID Assistant Administrator

On the photo left to right: Mayor of Sayat-Nova Razmik Alaverdyan, USAID Assissstant Administrator Brock Bierman, and farmer Armen Gharibyan. On the background winter wheat grown by the farmer.

On December 19, the USAID Assistant Administrator Brock Bierman stopped in Sayat-Nova village while visiting various USAID-supported project sites in the region. In September 2018, ASPIRED and its partners completed the irrigation improvement project in Sayat-Nova community, by using the outlet water of Masis-Dzuk fishery.

Mr. Bierman met with the village mayor and the farmers to discuss the positive impact of the new irrigation system on the socio-economic situation of the community. 98 households got an opportunity to resume cultivation of their farmlands which have been left idle for nearly 20 years. Some farmers have already planted winter wheat this season and plan to grow more high-value crops next year which can earn them more income.