Interagency Task Force Convened its Fourth Meeting

pic 1On June 7-8, the ASPIRED Project held the 4th  meeting of the Interagency Task Force on optimization of groundwater fee rates by fisheries operating in Ararat and Armavir marzes.

The representatives of the participating government agencies and NGOs presented their opinion on the preferred option of the calculation of the resource fee and applicability of the block scheme for fisheries of Ararat Valley. There was a heated debate between the industry representatives and the water conservation advocates on the recommended resource fee calculation approach and the likely increase of the water tariff.

The international expert working with the Task Force team focused on the resource fee as a tool in the water conservation policy and the existing international practice on application of the block scheme of resource fee calculation.

The ASPIRED team will continue consultation with the stakeholders to reach the optimal solution and propose recommendations to the Government that will take into consideration the interests of all sides.